الشروط والأحكام

  1. The nature of the site’s work is to display and sell items based on the auctions process.
  2. The product’s price display on the site is in the Saudi Riyal.
  3. In the case of registration for the first time, an email will be sent to confirm and then you can log into your account (you must check for the mail in the mailbox and junk mail) after clicking on the confirmation link. And if you did not receive the email, you must re-register and make sure that all the data entered is written correctly.
  4. If the account has not been used for more than two years, it will be canceled.
  5. You can buy more than one commodity from more than one seller in one process.
  6. Returns are within 1-7 days after receipt of the product, and the product must be in its envelope and its accessories are complete and in good condition.
  7. In case of payment with the bankcard and you wish to return, the product will be verified after receiving it from you, and in case it is free from any defects, you will be informed of the process of recovery and the amount will be returned in the card that you paid from within 7-14 working days according to the policy of each bank.
  8. If the payment was made in cash on delivery, you can retrieve the amount in your wallet in your account on the site, or you can provide us with an account number for the bank to retrieve the amount on it.
  9. In case that you wish to replace, you must retrieve the first piece and request another from the site.
  10. Shipping will be with several carriers based on the seller.
  11. When the order is confirmed, your shipment number will be sent with the order number, for tracking.
  12. If the order has been shipped, responsibility will pass to the shipping company, where the shipment can be tracked and inquired.
  13. Shipping price varies depending on weight. In the case of international or domestic shipping, each has a different price.
  14. Payment methods through VISA, MasterCard, MADA, PAYPAL, CashOnDelivary
  15. Payment methods are secure and your information is protected.
  16. Cash on delivery is currently not available due to the COVID-19 virus.
  17. The site uses cookies policy.
  18. For more information, complaints or suggestions, please contact us at info@MarleenAuction.com